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It is our number one priority to help you address obstacles to your health and facilitate sustainable behavioral change, so you can experience the freedom you desire.

Health mapping

There’s a lot more to your health than simply changing your diet or exercising more. 


If you’ve attempted to get healthy in the past, but “nothing seems to work,” or if getting healthy seems like an overwhelming and daunting task, it is likely that multiple areas of your life are influencing your health. 


And the most critical areas of your health transformation may not seem related to “health” at all. 


We use a process called “Health Mapping” to determine what areas of your life are influencing your physical or mental health, and which specific tools, skills and therapies that can address these areas.


Health Mapping utilizes an integral model of life experience to comprehensively assess, as well as explain imbalances, dysfunction, and growth points in a way that will make sense to you. 


Health Mapping will give you an actual map of your overall health journey, including the lowest hanging fruit for addressing your health concerns right now; the simplest and most fundamental tools and practices to get you the greatest results.

The Health Mapping Session can be booked as a one-on-one appointment, or you can attend one of our Health Mapping workshops.


naturopathic medicine

Sometimes people visit us who have no problem making behavior changes. If they are told to follow a certain diet, they can do it. If they are told to take medicine three times a day, they can do it. Usually, these folks have complaints that are fairly straightforward, and respond incredibly well to natural therapies. 


Our naturopathic medicine initial intake is the same appointment as the Health Mapping Session - the map just may be a lot more straight forward, and shorter in duration/distance. 

Some natural therapies we may use include: 

  • Food intolerance testing and dietary guidance

  • herbal medicine

  • nutritional supplementation

  • drainage therapies

  • visceral manipulation

  • physiotherapy

  • homeopathic medicine

'The "Eating Foundations" course is also available through our client portal. This is a perfect place to begin learning what healthy eating principles look like. 

This course is NOT a diet, and will help you eat in a healthier way no matter what diet you choose to follow. 

We recommend anyone booking a stand-alone food intolerance test to also go through this course. 

Natural Herbs
Naturopathic Medicine
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Integral counseling actively works with the entire person - it incorporates embodied learning experiences through meditation and movement practices, as well as psycho-emotional personal development through facilitated conversation and homework. Past traumas are also addressed using Somatic Experiencing. Nutrition and other wellness support are also often utilized. 


The overarching intention of integral counseling is to help clients learn and grow within themselves, build resilience to life’s challenges, and ultimately feel confident in their own ability to live a healthy and purposeful life.

Integral counseling synergizes well with virtually any previous or congruent therapy method, especially systems that emphasize personal growth and accountability. 


Some commonly used tools and strategies utilized within integral counseling include: 


  • Meditation

  • Embodied movement practices such as: yoga, qigong, tai chi, or martial arts 

  • Enneagram personality testing

  • 12 steps (adapted based on client)

  • Journal work and assignments

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Breath work 

  • Somatic Experiencing™

*Bundled appointments available at a discounted rate* 


Looking for health and wellness resources for an organization or business?

  • Learn more about our seminars, workshops and classes. 

  • Custom wellness programs  also available.

Upcoming Workshops & Events

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Health Mapping Wokshop

A 3-hour workshop intended to help you find the lowest hanging fruit for making dramatic changes in your health and your life.



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