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Dr. Node Smith has a firm belief that the solution to many of the problems facing our world today could be as simple as promoting a healthier business and corporate culture.

Corporate and Organizational Wellness

More and more, business leaders are seeing the value of creating a health culture within their organization. 


And employees and staff members are yearning for a workplace atmosphere that supports their desire to live a healthy, balanced, and happy life. 


For a majority of individuals, their work atmosphere does not support their values, goals or beliefs - it's simply a paycheck.


This is by no means insignificant when we consider that for most people, roughly half their waking life is spent at work. 


If half of our life is spent at a place that doesn’t support our wellbeing, and perhaps even has a culture that undermines it, what is this doing to our health? 


And it's simple things that create a health culture, and an atmosphere that supports wellness. 


So, if you are a business leader and looking for ways to add a health and wellness component to your organization, we’d love to chat with you about a productive and realistic plan. 


Most organizations have unique needs that require custom programming to one degree or another, however below is an overview of the types of options available.

We work with

​Along with small businesses and large corporations we also work with :

  • Health Care Workers

  • Social Worker's & Frontline Workers

  • Schools

  • Non-Profits

  • Churches

  • Religious Organizations

We offer

  • Workshops

  • Classes

  • Facilitated group experiences

  • seminars and custom experiences

Contact us to discuss your group's needs.


Any of our classes can be converted into a longer and more extensive experience, but the following are examples of workshops that we routinely facilitate. 


Health Mapping

Our flagship workshop, “Health Mapping,” can be delivered as a condensed three-hour guided assessment or 4 separate modules. The process shows individuals the lowest hanging fruit for healthy change in their life. This workshop utilizes a hardcopy workbook. 


Stress & Trauma Toolkit

This is a powerful workshop that has two learning objectives. One, it provides a clear understanding of how stress relates to trauma, and how these two common parts of life impact the nervous system. And two, it explores the use of a simple tool for building resilience and capacity for stressful situations, as well as overcoming traumatic experiences. This is a largely experiential workshop. 


Eating Foundations

This workshop is largely delivered in lecture format with the intention of giving participants a fundamental understanding of the difference between “eating principles” and diets. It explores more areas of nutrition. Detoxification, and fasting than class version. 

Building the Perfect Workplace

Ideally, this workshop is facilitated following the Health Mapping workshop. Its focus is on the health needs and developmental goals of the individuals that make up an organization, and how organization policy, guidelines, principles, and structure could be adapted to meet such goals. This is a collaborative experience, and participants must be informed and aware of the scope and intention of the workshop before facilitation.

Business Conference


Our teaching style emphasizes developing a better relationship with health through education. In this way, all of our classes attempt to offer as much experiential practice as possible and will be delivered to the experience level of the audience. 


Below is a list of some class topics: 


  1. Health Essentials 101

  2. Eating principles Vs. Diets

  3. Why diet and exercise fail

  4. Using KINDNESS to make behavioral changes

  5. Detoxification 

  6. Therapeutic Fasting

  7. Addressing Acute Illnesses without antibiotics

  8. Cold Water Therapies

  9. Breathing

  10. Allergies

  11. Common nutrient deficiencies and supplementation

  12. The truth about fatigue and brain fog

  13. A kind and honest approach to weight loss

  14. Spiritual nutrition 

  15. Supplementation for athletes 

  16. Trauma and chronic illness

facilitated Group experiences

Dr. Node Smith is an adept group facilitator and has experience coordinating retreats, conferences, summits and other events. He currently is coordinating a “digital detox” experience for healthcare professionals, which will be facilitated as a 10-day bicycle tour down the Pacific Coast of the United States. 


The sky is really the limit in terms of experiences that could be facilitated for your group. 

The easiest and most readily accessible option we have is our “Clear Change Detox,” which is a 10-day metabolically supported detox. It is a great experience that builds camaraderie around healthy eating when done with others.

seminars and custom programs

We can customize any program or seminar for your needs. 


Our facilitation style emphasizes experiential learning, and combines lecture, breakout sessions, and practice periods.

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