Integral Health Assessment + DNA Testing

Unlock “what to do” and develop a strategy of “how to do it”

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Service Description

The intention of the Integral Health Assessment is to give you the absolute clearest understanding of exactly what you need to implement in your life to function optimally, and prevent disease to the greatest extent possible. We will also look at the most likely struggles you will face in implementing certain changes, and strategize how to overcome them. Two fundamental tools we will utilize are: Functional Genomic Testing & Integral Health Mapping The Integral Health Assessment includes the following: One 90 minute comprehensive Integral Health Mapping Session - Personalized Health Map - Starting Action Steps (Assignments/Tools) Enneagram Personality Testing (RHETI) Functional Genomics Testing - 38 individualized reports with recommendations Two 55 minute Sessions - Functional Genetics Consultation - Strategy Session Direct Chat Communication Access for 3 months Functional Genetics Consultation: You will be receiving hundreds of pages worth of information when you receive your functional genomics test results. Most people don’t know where to start. This genetics consultation is meant to help you navigate through the DNA 360 Report, with specific attention to how your specific suboptimal physiology is showing up in your life, as well as the specific supplement recommendations that are worth starting immediately, and which ones can wait, as well as how long these supplement recommendations should be adhered to. Of course this is also a time where you will be able to ask any questions that you may have about your results. Your Strategy Session: During this session we will take the recommendations from your genetic testing, and using your individual Health Map, we will create a strategy that concentrates on your goals, your immediate needs, and your current ability. Payment plans available. 15% discount for paying in full. Appointments are reimbursable with naturopathic benefits. All appointments are available virtually or in-person. ***Still have questions regarding the Integral Health Assessment Package - Schedule a free 15 min call.***