Meet Dr. Node Smith, ND

Everyone was created for a purpose. Node’s purpose is to work with people. Dr. Node has an infectious way about him that inspires people and helps make the types of changes necessary for lasting health somehow easier. He is also a master at helping others overcome obstacles, or turn obstacles into opportunities. He believes in humanity, he believes in health, and he believes in those he works with. He is more than a doctor, he is a counselor and a guide.


Node Smith, ND is a naturopathic doctor and director of TEAL Holistic - Integral Health Solutions, which focuses on addressing obstacles to health and facilitating sustainable behavioral change. He utilizes comprehensive life assessment tools, including personality testing, as well as a unique and powerful counseling style.


Node is an expert in behavioral change and is an adept counselor and naturopathic doctor. He specializes in finding the underlying causes of disease in a person’s life, and helping them grow and heal in these areas. 


One of Node’s gifts as a doctor is his ability to relate to his clients. Node is definitely not what you would expect as a doctor. He lives in rural Saskatchewan in a village of about 350 people,  loves working on cars, and chopping wood at his brother-in-law’s property. Him and his wife Charity live in a 1907 heritage home, which is under perpetual renovation - Node does most of the work himself. He also has recently rekindled his love for writing and publishes fiction as well as poetry. He sees writing as one of the ways he can add beauty and inspiration into the world. 


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Our Values

We value health as the ultimate freedom one can strive for in this human life.


We also ​value five universal principles necessary to achieving this type of freedom: 

  • Kindness

  • Honesty

  • Relationship

  • Commitment

  • Action

"We all want FREEDOM from our suffering. And it is only through KIND and HONEST communication with ourselves that we may come to see how our health is in RELATIONSHIP with everything we do, say and think. 

From this place of awareness and understanding we must COMMIT to ourselves and take ACTION to change."

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Meet Dr. Charity Thiessen

Dr. Thiessen is a friendly, down to earth country doc. After years volunteering abroad, she’s returned to her home province of Saskatchewan to practice within the communities she knows and loves. She is a wealth of wisdom and has extensive experience working with native communities as well as in resource poor areas. She has a firm belief in the power of relationship, and a deep interest in hearing the stories of those she works with. Her methods are organic and alive, and work with gentle simplicity with both the young and old. 

She is a naturopathic doctor, and alumni from the National University of Natural Medicine, and also holds a masters in global health. Dr. Thiessen’s practice focuses on all things brain health. This includes mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, trauma, concussions and sports medicine, memory issues and Alzheimer’s prevention. She strategically utilizes homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, lifestyle counseling, and Somatic Experiencing® with her patients. She addresses the foundations of health with all her patients including dietary factors, metabolism, hormones, sleep, movement, and stress. She works with patients of all ages. 

Dr. Thiessen grew up on a horse ranch in Saskatchewan, and has returned to a similar life. When she is not practicing, she enjoys the simplicity of life in a small town and exploring the beautiful outdoors.

Follow Dr. Charity - @drcharityt 

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