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Your health does not have to be a mystery.

We combine naturopathic medicine with behavioral health counseling to facilitate comprehensive health transformation. 


Personal Freedom &
Health Transformation

The transformation you’re searching for in your health and your life could be closer than you think. 


If you struggling with: 

  • A chronic health complaint

  • Confusion about what’s going on with your body

  • Making healthy changes

  • Difficult emotions or mood changes


Our holistic approach will address the multiple areas of your life that may be contributing to your health issues. 


We combine multiple natural therapies with behavioral health counseling and trauma processing inside a model that looks at how your entire life is related to your health. 


Our #1 goal in working with you is to ensure that you have the tools, strategies and skills necessary to overcome any obstacle standing in your way. 


We offer many educational opportunities, such as workshops, classes, and programs to give you the confidence to live a healthy life.

What are "Integral health solutions?"

Every area of your life experience is interconnected. “Integral Health Solutions,” are tools, skills and strategies meant to help you learn, grow, and develop in various areas of your life that will not only improve your health, but also make health changes easier.

We use an integral quadrant model to help assess areas of life experience that may be influencing physical or mental health. This model is very easy to understand and helps our clients make connections to their health concerns that they never thought about before. 


Using this model with our clients also ensures that we are addressing the true underlying causes of their conditions...

Take a deep dive at a "Health Mapping Workshop" or schedule an individual Health Mapping Appointment

Health Mapping Workshops

Tourists with Map and Coffee

A 3-hour workshop intended to help you find the lowest hanging fruit for making dramatic changes in your health and your life.

DNA Testing


You can now order our DNA testing directly, and discover your individualized recommendations to optimize your health!


Life coaching

Individualized support to help you overcome the obstacles that are keeping you stuck.

Two core principles of our counseling method are kindness and honesty. 

Clear Change® Detox Program

Healthy Woman

Join our next group detox, or do it on your own schedule. 

Next detox:

DIY detox - register below

Naturopathic Medicine Initial Intake (Health Mapping Session)

For new patients. Schedule an initial appointment to explore your health history, lab work, and other factors affecting your complaints. 

Whether mental or physical health - this is your initial appointment. 

Green and Purple Succulents

"Your health is what you make of it. Everything you do and think either adds to the vitality, energy, and spirit you possess or takes away from it."

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