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Your health does not have to be a mystery.

We help you gain perfect clarity on what to do 

with genetic testing and support you with 

how to do it through integral counseling.

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Personal Freedom &
Health Transformation

The transformation you’re searching for in your health and your life could be closer than you think. 


We’ve combined cutting edge genetic testing with a health assessment system that makes the road forward as clear as possible. But that’s just the beginning. . . 


 Our #1 goal in working with you is to ensure that you have the tools, strategies and skills necessary to overcome any obstacle standing in your way.


After all, what type of transformation would you expect to be easy? 


Health is the ultimate freedom. Are you ready for it?

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  • “Why do diets NEVER work for me?”

  • “Why do I feel worse after I exercise?”

  • “Why can’t I ever maintain healthy changes, no matter how hard I try?”

  • “Why can’t I lose weight?”

  • “How do I really know what vitamins or supplements I need to take?”

  • “How can I prevent diseases that everyone in my family has - diabetes, high cholesterol, Alzheimer's?”

The Answer is in Your DNA

Your genetics can tell you a lot more than your ancestry or your eye color. 


Inside your DNA is a literal blueprint for how your body functions. This includes specific areas of less than optimal function. We call this functional genomics. With this information you can know precisely how to best support your body. 


Combining functional genomics with health mapping, you will be able to answer a lot more than merely “what to do.” You’ll get answers to questions like: 

  • “Why are some changes so difficult to make?” 

  • “Why is it so easy to derail myself?”

  • “How is my personality affecting my health?”

Go deeper with Integral Health Mapping

Information is power, but what’s even more powerful is an informed strategy, or plan. 


And even more powerful than that, is an informed plan that you can implement. 


The biggest obstacle to health is hardly ever finding the right medication, or the right treatment, or diet, or exercise program. These things are all important, however the biggest obstacle still stands in the way once we’ve found the “perfect plan.” 


And that obstacle is the ability to make behavioral change. 


Many people think that sustaining healthy changes is all about willpower and discipline. This is not true, and often results in shame, guilt, and judgment - which is never helpful. 


With Integral Health Mapping, we take a look at the critical elements in your life that are affecting your health and your ability to make lasting behavioral change. Once we isolate these primary obstacles, healthy changes become a lot less frustrating and easier to manage.

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Common Misconceptions

“Being Healthy is Expensive.”

Fact: Being sick is expensive. 

"If people really wanted to save money, they would figure out how to get as healthy as possible, as quickly as possible, and let nothing stand in their way." 

Charity Thiessen, ND

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"Your health is what you make of it. Everything you do and think either adds to the vitality, energy, and spirit you possess or takes away from it."