It is our number one priority to help you address obstacles to your health and facilitate sustainable behavioral change, so you can experience the freedom you desire.

Healing through addiction
Starts with Health Mapping

The most critical areas of your health transformation may not seem related to drug or alcohol addiction at all. This is why health mapping is necessary - you need to know the terrain you’re working with, and how it relates to your current situation. 


This first step is meant to uncover connections between various areas of your life, including experiences, skills, tools, personality and patterns, and show how these directly impact your recovery and resilience to relapse. 


We call this process “Integral Health Mapping.” It is informed by a rich history of clinical psychology, existential philosophy, and scientific research on the nature of adult human growth and development. 


The intention of this process is to produce an actual map of the most helpful areas of your life that will help stabilize your recovery efforts, provide the most useful tools for relapse prevention.


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Integral counseling

Integral counseling actively works with the entire person - it incorporates embodied learning experiences through meditation and movement practices, as well as psycho-emotional personal development through facilitated conversation and homework. Nutrition and other wellness support are also often utilized. 


The overarching intention of integral counseling is to help clients learn and grow within themselves, build resilience to life’s challenges, and ultimately feel confident in their own ability to live a healthy and purposeful life.

Integral counseling synergizes well with virtually any previous or congruent therapy method, especially recovery systems that emphasize personal growth and accountability, such as the 12 steps. 


Some commonly used tools and strategies utilized within integral counseling include: 


  • Meditation

  • Embodied movement practices such as: yoga, qigong, tai chi, or martial arts 

  • Enneagram personality testing

  • 12 steps (adapted based on client)

  • Journal work and assignments

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Breath work 

  • Somatic based trauma processing


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Ongoing support

Addiction and Behavioral Change Program

Our Addiction and Behavioral Change Program offers extended support of mental and emotional factors affecting recovery, as well as guidance in nutritional and physical wellness techniques to build lasting resilience and prevent relapse. 


The Addiction and Behavioral Change Program Includes: 


  • One (1) 90 minute comprehensive Integral Health Mapping Session

    • Personalized Relapse Prevention Strategy

    • Personalized Health Map

  • Enneagram Personality Testing (RHETI)

  • Twelve (12) 50 minute Integral Counseling Sessions

    • Sessions include workbook materials when indicated

  • Direct Chat Communication Access for 3 months


This program is designed to facilitate the transition between inpatient care and settling into a “new normal.” We do offer hand-off meetings with current therapists or care-home workers to make this transition more comfortable, when relevant. 

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