It is our number one priority to help you address obstacles to your health and facilitate sustainable behavioral change, so you can experience the freedom you desire.


The most critical areas of your health transformation may not seem related to “health” at all. This is why health mapping is necessary - you need to know the terrain you’re working with, and how it relates to your health. 


This first step is meant to uncover connections between various areas of your life, including experiences, skills, tools, personality and patterns, and show how these directly impact your health. 


We call this process “Integral Health Mapping.” It is informed by a rich history of clinical psychology, existential philosophy, and scientific research on the nature of adult human growth and development. 


The intention of this process is to produce an actual map of the most helpful areas of your life to concentrate on developing; those that will have the greatest pay off.


The Integral Mapping Session can be booked by itself; however, it is included in the more comprehensive Integral Health Assessment Package.


This map will help you take the information from your functional genomic testing, and implement the recommendations into your life. Sustainably and effortlessly.

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We support functional genomic testing for all of our clients. There is simply no better method to determine exactly what your body needs in order for you to thrive. 


You have a genetic blueprint that can give you the most individualized recommendations possible to maximize your health, prevent disease, and even reverse disease. 


You don’t need to guess anymore. 


Our functional genomics testing will give you a comprehensive analysis of your genetics, including 38 reports within 6 distinct health systems, including:

  • Cardiovascular Health 

  • Immune + Detox Function

  • Sleep

  • Diet + Nutrition

  • Mood + Behavior

  • Hormones + Fitness.


You will receive not only your genetic information. Each report includes actionable recommendations unique to your DNA. 


And this is where the rubber meets the road. 


That is why we combine your genetic blueprint with your health map and strategy sessions to make the road forward as clear as possible. 


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"The Integral Health Assessment"

The Integral Health Assessment brings these pieces together to complete the puzzle of lasting health transformation for you. 


The Integral Health Assessment includes: 


  • One (1) 90 minute comprehensive Integral Health Mapping Session

    • Personalized Health Map

    • Starting Action Steps (Assignments/Tools)

  • Enneagram Personality Testing (RHETI)

  • Functional Genomics Testing

    • 38 individualized reports with recommendations

  • Two (2) 55 minute Sessions

    • Genetics Consultation

    • Strategy Session

  • Direct Chat Communication Access for 3 months


This assessment typically spans between 8-12 weeks, depending on shipping times for testing, and scheduling. Additional sessions are able to be scheduled during this time if needed. 


We want you to have the most success possible when it comes to your health. Because after all, your health is ultimately what gives you freedom in your life.

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